1800 ecm

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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1800 ecm

Post by canary6 »

i have a 2002 1800 with 50000 miles and just had to replace the ecm. the total cost was$ 2018. is this a fair price or was i taken?

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Re: 1800 ecm

Post by AZgl1800 »

there must have been a huge Labor Charge for that.

here, look at part #12 PGM-FI UNIT 38770-MCA-P00 In Stock Retail $922.58
Partzilla price $639.35

https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda ... ntrol-unit

when mine went bad, I found one for $75 on a 2004 being stripped for parts.

I always go to www.SearchTempest.com and look before I do anything else.

here for $299 https://www.ebay.com/itm/283565449438

you could have fixed it yourself for about 1 hour of labor, it is under the seat.

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Re: 1800 ecm

Post by GoldWingrGreg »

I have a 2003 in my shop right now, and it too just got a new ECM. Every situation for repair is different, and that can greatly affect the cost for repair. In this customers case, at times he'd get an FI light, and over time it wanted to die at low RPMs, and if the side stand was lowered, code 26 would flash. Code 25 and 26 is a common DTC (digital trouble code) for 2001-04s. The ECM that the 2003 required is the same part number as yours. From 2001-03, they all have the same part number, and all are failing. Basically, their DNA says their life is up.

Here are some facts that kept this repair down.
- 2003 non-ABS
- completely naked from all accessories ... accessories will greatly affect labor costs
- 13k on the ODM
- in NOV 2018 it had it main wire harness, BAS (bank angle sensor), and CMP (cam position sensor) replace because a mouse had made it a home for years. There were chew marks and damage to all.

Keep in mind most PGM-FI (programmed fuel injection system) circuits include 3 parts ... a sensor, related wiring (harness), and an ECM.

Here are things that are usually true, and I only know this because my shop only specializes in GL1800. That means that my knowledge might be huge compared to other shops.
- it is well know that if indeed it is code 25 or 26, and if it wants to die, it's gonna be a knock sensor circuit repair, and because it wants to die, it is not gonna be a knock sensor. That leaves a ECM or harness. The only time that I've seen a harness be a problems is when there has been a rodent chewing on a harness, or corrosion in some connectors. If that is not seen, the chance of it being a ECM is about a 95% chance.

However, ECMs are expensive, and there needs to be various voltage checks first to rule out corrosion, not mentions, chew marks need to be looked for.

In my case, I had a new harness, and because my customer returned to me for this repair, there was some reductions in labor. Attached is his bill.

LABOR TO CHECK 1 $110.00 $110.00
PGM-FI UNIT 1 $922.58 $110.00 $1,032.58
S/PLG (BKR6E-11) 98079-5614E 6 $2.95 $17.70

Well that data didn't transfer well ... but its total is $1160.28 plus tax.

As for you bill ... I'm sure there is a lot more to your repair then there was to this one. Where you ripped off ... probably not. Most repair shops have plenty of business and go way out of their way to be fair.
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Re: 1800 ecm

Post by Skull Riders »

Easy question for an easy answer

My E C M 38770-MCA-A41 on my 2005 Goldwing 1800A burnt beyond repair.

For the 2005.what emc could be used to replace the 38770-MCA-A41?

I heard that some of the 2001 - 2005 or comlatible, but all of them.

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