1800 driveability issues

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1800 driveability issues

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New to me Roadsmith Trike, 2010 GL1800 with 25K. First time out on a longer ride, 2 up, pulling Bunkhouse JR. camper. Had my 2003 with same load, had overheating issues described in earlier posts, (will comment in a separate post), and it ran great, but this new to me 2010 has a serious running problem. When accelerating from a stop, will buck stumble, barely accelerate, act like it is starved for fuel, then like it received a jolt then get going, same thing in all gears, after it reached 45mph or so, will smooth out, after letting up on gas. We used to call it dieseling back in the day. Trying to accelerate in OD, stumbles more, giving it full gas stumbles then smoothes out, shakes then ok. Another time on same ride would not go above 60mph with full throttle. My first thought bad gas. So after parking overnight, trailer off, 1 up. then ran it till low fuel light came on, filled it up with fresh gas, same problem. My Honda tech (too many wings) now has trike, I have owned it less than 2 weeks and do not wish to name dealer til I contact them, but we are looking for help. I am heading to Wing Ding in late August and want to take the trike there and not get stranded on the side of road with my new life partner. Also only got 125 miles on trike when low fuel lite came on.

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Re: 1800 driveability issues

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As always, compression, spark, and fuel.

Assuming the compression is good, pull the spark plugs and see how they are burning. Then check the spark to all.
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