tire pressure sensors

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tire pressure sensors

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I have 2010 GL1800. The tire pressure light comes on and flashes for anywhere from 5 to 10 miles then goes off. Drives me nuts. I have checked the tire pressures and they are fine. It only does it when cold and then stays off the rest of the day. Is it a bad sensor and if so, how do I tell which one? Just got back from a 1700 mile trip and it did it every day (4). Never noticed it before, but it was the first time I had pulled our trailer. Would the extra electrical load because of the lights for the trailer cause this? Took the trailer off but still there. Thanks for the input.

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Re: tire pressure sensors

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My '17 does that, but only when the ambient temperature is somewhat lower than it was when I adjusted the pressure last. I recently went camping at high altitude and would get the light for a few miles first thing in the morning. It was at least 20 deg. F lower than it had been at home. After driving for a few miles, the pressure rises from a normal heat increase and it goes off. My normal practice is to check pressures often when the seasonal temps are either rising or falling, and I do it early in the morning to catch it at the coolest point.
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Re: tire pressure sensors

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Depending on what pressure you have your tires at, the colder temps may be lowering this pressure to just below the point where it triggers your sensor flashing. When the tires warm up, and the pressure goes up above that point, the flashing stops. You might add a couple of pounds to your tires. I keep mine at 41 front and back now. We have a lot of cooler mornings here, and mine does the same thing, or did till I went up another pound.
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Re: tire pressure sensors

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I had a Kawasaki Concours 1400 with the TPMS and it the same thing. It was due to cold tire, after a couple miles it went off.
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Re: tire pressure sensors

Post by bstig60 »

You should be able to adjust the low pressure setting to eliminate that issue.

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