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Another heated grip/seat question

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 7:01 am
by Camer
I know there is a lot of questions and answers on here about the "comfort package" pain in the a$$ package more like it. I haven't seen anything about this system being tied into speed of the bike at all. I've noticed that my grips turn off if I go above 70 mph. Once the bike is turned off it resets and is fine till 70, quite consistently (every time for the last week days of riding) has anyone noticed this and is there a way to stop it.

Had I know this was such a lets say quirky set up I would have saved the money and got an aftermarket set up.
Over 10yrs trying to get this working right.

Re: Another heated grip/seat question

Posted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 11:02 pm
by goanders
I had a 2007 Gl 1800 with problems with the heated grips and seat. I spent a lot of time testing everything with help from the service manual. I finally gave up and bypassed the complicated Honda system I added a 30 amp relay after a 20 amp fuse connected to the battery, I connected the relay to get power from the acc post on the OEM fuse panel so when the ignition was on it powered the 20 amp fuse line, I bought a Firstgear Dual Portable Heat-Troller and mounted it in the right hand front pocket
I cut the wires going to each handle bar grip and wired them in parallel to one troller, the other troller I used for the front seat also in Parallel to the seat bottom and back. I cut the wires from the connector connecting the seat. I worked perfectly for as long as IO owned the bike for 178000 miles when I sold it.
If I ever have trouble with my newer winfg I would do the same in a heart beat, never ever had another problem.
George BC Canada

Re: Another heated grip/seat question

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:15 am
by Camer
I think I may be doing the same shortly.