GW 1800 comparison chart

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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GW 1800 comparison chart

Post by Gdgiò »

Good evening all,
It is already 3 years I own a great GW 1500 1999.i love it! But life goes and I came to the point that I wish a younger GW, so I am dreaming for a 1800 even if I have never riden one.. So I am focused on a 2007 model as compromise between price an youth. I am sure there is tons of opinion in this great web site and I am going through it but at the end to make my decision, I am looking for a comparison chart related to 1800 different years in order to make my own brainstorming of the pros and cons especially for years 2006 and 2007 which I guess is the switch year for some improvements.
Somebody may drive me to find such summary chart?
Thanks all in advance

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Andy Cote
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Re: GW 1800 comparison chart

Post by Andy Cote »

I think either a 2006 or a 2007 is an excellent choice. Two years ago, I, like you, started to get an urge to move from the GL1500 to a GL1800. I was checking all the local used bikes, mostly 2006-2010. When the time came, I fell into a deal on a 2015 with 2000 miles and still under warranty.

Although this does not include the 2012 and follow bikes, this may help some in answering your questions:

In my area the 2001-2005 bikes seem to be priced similarly. The 2006-2010 again seem to have similar prices but $1000 more than 2005. Of course the 2012-17 jump again in price.

There were a few recalls over the years. Any Honda dealer can enter the VIN and determine if a particular bike has any open recalls and repair them at no charge.

Good luck in your search.
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Re: GW 1800 comparison chart

Post by joeincalif »

There were several recalls and service bulletins on the early 1800's. You should look at 05 and up. In 06 some changes were made, I had an 02 and an 08. Both are great but the 08 was a little better.
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Re: GW 1800 comparison chart

Post by mterraci »

I bought a 2007 almost 3 years ago and have been really happy with it. I found one which had been well cared for and only had 17000 miles on it. I've got 33000 miles on the odometer now and have had no problems. Runs like a brand new bike.

My understanding is that the older 1800's had some frame issues when they first came out but these problems were corrected by 2006 - 2007. Your local Honda dealer can verify if the rear brake recall has been done (mine was) and can take care of it for you if it has not.

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