Engine will not start

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Engine will not start

Post by wssunderland73 »

Hello All, I'm new here so please go easy on me :), I have a 2002 GL1800 I bought in July with 63,000 miles, bike has been running beautifully and a couple of times at random the engine did not start, starter turned the engine over but no start, then one day the engine would not start at all, I am replacing the pulse generator at this time (I'll have it installed Thursday morning) it made sense reading through different forums that the pulse generator was causing my problem, now I realized there is something else lurking, my FI light does not come on at all, it has not came on since I purchased my bike, with the key turned on and engine off, or when the engine was turning over and a no start condition presented itself, any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Engine will not start

Post by virgilmobile »

I am by no means a expert on the 1800.
I'll ask the first question.
Does it have spark when you crank it?
No spark no fuel.
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Re: Engine will not start

Post by Rambozo »

Maybe the first thing to check is the FI light bulb. Not that it will fix anything, but then you can get codes and such. If it had a problem and the light was on all the time, the bulb may have been burned out or been removed by some shady character.

I do not subscribe to throwing parts at a problem on the off chance you get lucky.
There are lots of things that will cause a no start. More testing is required to narrow that down.
Or if you want to know what part to replace to guaranty success. My old boss had the answer.
Jack up the rider and install a new bike under him.
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Re: Engine will not start

Post by GoldWingrGreg »

Is your kill switch in the on position ???
Check you PGM/FI fuse (upper left corner).

When you turn it on, put your ear near the seat and listen for fuel pump noise. The fuel pump should turn on for about 5 seconds each time the key is turned on.

If you have no FI light, you may have an issue with the Bank Angle sensor/circuit.
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Re: Engine will not start

Post by 2003Cobra »

You have to have Fuel, air & spark for an engine to run. The first thing I would figure out is why the F1 light is not working. Once that is working and the bike will not start then check the obvious, Kill Switch, Battery connections, Kick stand switch etc. If all the obvious things check out start checking each system individually. I start with the ignition system first. Put a spark tester in line with a spark plug. If it lights up when you turn over the engine then Ignition is OK. If not you need to start digging deeper in that system. Next check the fuel system. As GoldWingergreg suggested listen for the fuel pump but I would also check to make sure the pump is actually putting out. If both of those systems check out then check to see if the bike is getting air. Good luck

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