left hand controls removal solution

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left hand controls removal solution

Post by terrydj »

Jobs done

What you will need is a Philips head screw driver

A Blade screwdriver

A 10mm socket

A swear jar

Remove the gauges surround

Lift the gauges up out of the way

Remove the petrol fill surround

Remove the Right hand side Tupperware

Now follow the loom from the left hand controls

You will see where the loom is held by wires bent over

Bend them back out of the way to release the loom

You will see how the loom goes around to the right and up into a hidy hole

Now you will see an alloy bracket that a connector is held their

Now the alloy bracket is holds the connector by 2 Philips head screws that you cant undo? SUCKS

Take the Blade screwdriver and use it to wedge the connection off the bracket (Too easy)

Now with hand like a Japanese grab the connectors

The connector for the left hand controls is the smaller one

Like in the photo

The gl1800 will have also a smaller one which is for the Cruise Control

Sorry I missed your call, but the hairs slicked back and I was Rockin to the Ring Tone
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Re: left hand controls removal solution

Post by GoldWingrGreg »

Just a huge suggestion ... quit using a Phillips, and get yourself a JIS #2 bit. A Phillips tip will destroy screws heads on 5th gens. There is hardly anything on a 5th gen Wing that requires a Phillips. Although yours may seam to fit into the screw head correctly, it is not and you will notice a huge "grip" improvement using a JIS bit.
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