Highway pegs

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Highway pegs

Post by SgLuBiE »

I had a set of Kuryakyn highway pegs that i couldn't get adjusted right so i gave them away. Looking for a set that is comfortable. I hate the fact that the fairing is so big you feel like you're doing the splits and I'm 6'6" tall. Any ideas as to what might work? Need to stretch my legs once in awhile and hate to stop all the time.

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Re: Highway pegs

Post by tamathumper »

Get the Mic-O-Pegs that mount on the vertical engine guard. They extend back and into (or away) from the bike depending on how you mount them, and they angle down instead of out when you're using them.

Super comfortable, and they don't scrape on the road like some of the other styles.
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Re: Highway pegs

Post by bookmaker »

Another thumbs up on the Mick O Pegs, I took a ride up to his place just north of Detroit 2 months after I bought my bike. An excuse for a ride plus was able to try the various versions available. 6' 3" here so I looked for a leg stretcher too. Just another note, mine are 17 years old and still no rust. :!:
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Re: Highway pegs

Post by AZgl1800 »

+3 on Mick-O-Pegs

you will never regret them....

I can stand on them with my full body weight, legs straight, and lean back hard on the backrest and get rid of the cramps in my legs, and L1-L5 on my lumbar says "Oh, that feels so so good".


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