Cleaning the rims.....

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Big Bob
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Cleaning the rims.....

Post by Big Bob »

Looking for the easiest way to clean up the factory rim's on my '06 1800. I have heard about steel wool, 3m scotch brite pads, do you use those dry or with what cleaner. What's the hot ticket to make them look good for minimal work laying on my back/side. I am still an essential employee, lol! I use S100 spray cleaner, but I think they could shine a little better. Thanks for the ideas and tips. Be safe!!


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Steve F
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Re: Cleaning the rims.....

Post by Steve F »

This, I suppose depends on what you consider "looking good". If you use the steel wool or the aggressive Scotchbrite pads, you'll end up with a dull finish. To that end, you might as well use the aluminum and mag wheel cleaner which requires minimal work, but leaves a dull finish because it etches them with a mild acid. They will soon become dirty again. I have found that the only way to get the wheels the way *I* like them is to use a pad that's safe for doing the dishes with some strong detergent like Purple Power and scrub the daylights out of the wheels. Follow up with Mother's aluminum polish and a rag. Be sure you're wearing Heavy Duty Rubber gloves. Can't beat the results you get from plain old elbow grease.
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Re: Cleaning the rims.....

Post by Viking »

and really, they are not easy to clean on the bike - the rear anyway. The best way to clean them is to do it when you change tires and have the rims off the motorcycle, and then follow the above info.
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Re: Cleaning the rims.....

Post by freedomrunner »

I have had great luck using an aluminum polish paste and a buffer wheel attached to a power drill and just buff away.
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Re: Cleaning the rims.....

Post by joeincalif »

I use mothers mag wheel polish and a soft cloth.

And here is my 02, people used to ask if the wheels were chrome

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Re: Cleaning the rims.....

Post by kfelizzi »

I saw a Wing with powder coated rims. Has any one tried this? Are there any drawbacks that may arise from doing this?
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Re: Cleaning the rims.....

Post by MikeB »

I have a couple of sets that are powder coated. No issues unless you are the type that just loves to polish aluminum.
To clean powder coated wheels, you only need a wet towel and maybe a bit of Simple Green.
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Re: Cleaning the rims.....

Post by LDurocher »

I buffed mine with buffing coumpound and when i was satisfied put 2 coat of 2K high gloss clearcoat. Easy to keep clean after this.
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Re: Cleaning the rims.....

Post by 2wingingit »

...,...BarKeepersFriend...,...and ScrubBuddies kitchen pads...,...hick-up,, and some elbow grease.
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