Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Does 39201-MCA-R00 nafigation control fits model 2006, specially its for 2008?

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Re: 39201-MCA-R00

Post by WingAdmin »

Looking it up on the parts finder, it lists these part numbers for the navigation unit:

2006: 39201-MCA-A70
2008: 39201-MCA-R00

Whether or not they are interchangeable, or if it is just a revision, I can't say.
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Re: 39201-MCA-R00

Post by kwthom »

This part listing is for North American models - it will be different for foreign spec bikes.

39200-MCA-A70 -or- 39201-MCA-A70

39201-MCA-R00 There is a note: 'contrld part contact Techline'

In 2009, it looks like there was a change:

39201-MCA-R40 There is a note: 'contrld part contact Techline'

39201-MCA-W30 There is a note: 'contrld part contact Techline'

So, the Honda part number decoder ring would tell us...

39200/39201 Basic navigation system
MCA means the GL1800 was the original vehicle for the assembly
The final alphanumerics? Difficult to discern, no standard methodology used or decoded.

The clue might be the 'contrld part contact Techline'. Honda would want to know why Part X is being replaced with Part Y in a dealership situation.

As a private individual, doubt you'd be give any official rationale on whether or not the -R00 would work in place of the -A70.

Note on the part list, the navigation computer is ~$350. A CF card that would have the operating system is also listed as ~$300

That might be the part that hangs up the process.
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Re: 39201-MCA-R00

Post by GoldWingrGreg »

If this helps, I use 39201-MCA-A70 as a test unit when testing the heated system on many different 5th gens. I have no idea if it mounts correctly to the meter panel, but it connects and electrically turns the seat and grips on/off.

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