Want a Seat upgrade for GL1800 2008

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Want a Seat upgrade for GL1800 2008

Post by billydva99 »

I would like to see options from sellers for the aftermarket seat for the GL1800. (2008 compatable) Tall rider 6'3'' 245lbs
email to billydva99@yahoo.com

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Re: Want a Seat upgrade for GL1800 2008

Post by Dougrad »

I’m not a seller but I’m 6’6” tall . I called Hartco seats in Florida and they hooked me up with a taller seat that is further back. Helped to get my knees out of the dashboard.
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Re: Want a Seat upgrade for GL1800 2008

Post by Big Bob »

I'm not as tall as Dougrad, I'm almost 6'2" but I purchased an Ultimate King seat because I got tired of having my knees crammed into the fairing also. A cheap seat, no, a comfortable seat that solved my leg space problem, YES!! I don't know why I rode in misery for a year before purchasing a different seat.

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Re: Want a Seat upgrade for GL1800 2008

Post by peppilepew »

Russel day long seat. They take your dimensions and seat, then customize. I found the Ultimate seat to be too firm. Gorgeous seat, just like sitting on cardboard.

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