CB transmit problem

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CB transmit problem

Post by Bruce1957! »

2006 GL1800: cannot talk to other party.
We have checked everything accessible.
Both helmets and cords communicate gear works.
When you push to talk, the sending CB shows Tx, the receiving CB shows RX.
I can hear the other bike, I cannot talk back to him though.
Have swapped helmets and cords, same problem.

Any thoughts?


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Re: CB transmit problem

Post by GoldWingrGreg »

Is your CB a Hondaline or aftermarket ??? Have you had a buddy hook his helmet setup to your Wing ??? Possibly the cord that you hook your helmet to that disappears under the LF pocket is bad.
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Re: CB transmit problem

Post by tamathumper »

Does your buddy's CB radio work with anyone else's CB radio, i.e. does it receive and play signals from other CB sources besides you?
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Re: CB transmit problem

Post by bstig60 »

Suggest checking your SWR, Antenna ground, etc.
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Re: CB transmit problem

Post by Terry D »

A friend of mine had the same problem on a new 1999 1500. We traced it to a bad CB cable going from the unit to the antenna. It did not ohm out correctly. Warranty replaced it.

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