Cross country trip suggestions

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Cross country trip suggestions

Post by Kwest364 »

Riding a goldwing gl1800. No trailer. Big dual sport duffel on back. Maybe a backpack on top. Plan on leaving next week for a cross country trip (south to tail of dragon, maybe back north thru Michigan, then west to CO, UT, NV, Cali, south down coast, east across, down to FL, then up east coast perhaps. I don't have a schedule, purely enjoying the journey kind of ride. Might take a few months. With stops in major cities and adding extra mileage for fun/exploring each region, might be around 15,000miles.

Any suggestions on states/cities/sights to see? I'm big on nature and hiking around, but want to meet people too. Will be hammocking/single tent along the way. I'd be ok parking and backpacking in for a few days to a place.

I want to meet a bunch of people, so cities and experiences are wanted, not trying to completely isolate myself or anything. A good mix of mostly scenic places and people watching.

Any places to avoid? Or aren't really worth going to? Michigan might get the axe, may not be worth going to me, but I can be swayed if someone has cool experiences there. To me, the mountains and coast out west are calling, but what other places are worth checking out?

Cheapest/most convenient options for food? Probably just grab some bread/meat each day for sandwiches.

Tools to bring? Might do at least a couple oil/filter changes, but other than that?

Route planning? Probably as little highway within reason. Looking for scenic routes. How best to plan that way? Google maps and select "avoid highways"?

Packing tips? Items to bring or not bring? Things I definitely need or don't need?

Other advice? Any input is much appreciated.

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Re: Cross country trip suggestions

Post by GoldWingrGreg »

Just an FYI ... because of COVID, apparently some state (NM) has banned tent camping.

While on tour, my favorite place to eat is Waffle House. I don't think there are any where you are going :(
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Re: Cross country trip suggestions

Post by tamathumper »

I've been cross-country top to bottom and side to side a couple of times, and generally the east coast is very crowded and populated, then you'll have a couple days of "in between" states where things start to open up and get really, really flat - that's just preparing you for when you'll see the mountains looming in the west and it will take most of the day to get to them, but that's where the amazing scenery and riding is. (Oh, and then it gets really crowded again on the left coast.)

You can check out my blogs and photos of the trips at and for some ideas of routes and scenery. Roads to the Sequoias (near Bakersfield, CA), or the trip up the spine of the mountains from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe, Reno, Salt Lake City, all over Colorado, Arizona, Utah. And if it were me, I might catch some Michigan just to take the ferry across the Great Lakes again, from Milwaukee to Muskegon, cool experience.

Check out if you want to meet other biker-friendly people, and potentially stay at their accommodations.
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Re: Cross country trip suggestions

Post by 702scottc »

Lots of great byways in Nevada and Utah. Hwy 50, hwy 6 in Nevada. You can take hwy 50 across the US from DC to Sacramento. Lots of great places to see and camp in the Rockies and Sierra's. You can take 395 south or north in California and Nevada and hit Yosemite park, Lake Tahoe, Lassen park, Mt. Shasta, lots of places to camp.
Northern California and the Redwoods is definitely a must see. Ride hwy 1 and 101 into Oregon, great fun.
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Re: Cross country trip suggestions

Post by bstig60 »

I am sure you are already into your trip, but CA, OR and WA are places to avoid right now due to the fires and smoke. National forests in CA are all closed right now. It's unfortunate because these 3 states have some of the most senic riding.
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Re: Cross country trip suggestions

Post by kwthom »

If the trip is underway, this might be helpful for someone else... ... nning.html

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