BlueTooth receiver audio input on 2001 GL1800

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BlueTooth receiver audio input on 2001 GL1800

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My Garmin Zumo 660 on my 01 1800 is starting to die. I have been using it as an .MP3 player as well thru the bikes audio system. I am planning for the future - when the system dies - to replace the GPS with a less expensive unit that does NOT have an .MP3 player. My plan is to use my iPhone for music playback along with a BlueTooth receiver that would use the same audio IN jack (inside left pocket) that the GPS audio out plugs into. So ... I hooked everything up, and I cannot get any audio via the AUX input (that works fine with the GPS). I tested the bluetooth unit with another audio device and it is working just fine ... JUST NOT thru the bike's AUX in that the GPS audio out is plugged into. Is there a reason this is happening? Is there another jack I should be plugging into? Why does 1 audio source work and not another? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: BlueTooth receiver audio input on 2001 GL1800

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Sounds to me like the AUX plug might not be getting far enough into the Bluetooth unit to engage all the contacts it needs to.
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