Preload weight tiers

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Preload weight tiers

Post by Kwest364 »

For preload, is there a poundage equivalent for each preload number? Ie. 0 preload number is rated for 150lb total (rider + gear), 25 preload number rated for 500lb total (rider + gear)

Ballpark on what each number is equivalent to? Ie. Each number increase = +25 lbs. So if say 0 = 150lbs, 1 = 175lbs, 2 = 200lbs, and so on.

Stock 2004, 235 rider geared up, mostly solo riding with about 75lbs of gear on a trip, so around 310lbs total weight on bike. Was at 25 on preload (max), with all gear, and felt harsh. Have been riding around town (staying at friends) without gear, and 10-15 solo feels pretty good. Still experimenting. Perhaps 25 is too stiff even with gear.

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Re: Preload weight tiers

Post by C-dub »

I am unaware of a correlation like this, but then I've only been Winging it for 3 years now.

I'd say go down to 20 and see what you think there. If it still feels harsh go down another 5 until it feels a little too soft. Then go up 1 until it feels about where you want it.

I'm 205 without gear, so maybe 210-215 with and then whatever is loaded in the bike. Most days that isn't much. Maybe another 10-15 pounds. I've been experimenting with different preload settings again lately. My problem is that I don't notice a great deal of difference between 5-15. This week I was on 10 and it seemed fine. I'm also okay with 0, but it does feel a little soft sometimes. When my wife is onboard with me I put it on 25. Then I forget to put it back down afterward and ride around with it solo on 25 for a few days and don't mind.

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Re: Preload weight tiers

Post by wingpilot08 »

One thing that I recently did was to check the oil lever (2008 HPNA) in the preload cannister, it was low. I had noticed that when adjusting the preload, you could hear when the pump was actually increasing the preload. Mine started at around 11-12. I had removed the cannister and added new oil to fill the cannister and then listened to the pump. My preload now begins at1. I was riding with the preload at 25, but now with the added oil I have been running at 12-13 when two up. The process wasn't difficult, just consumed about an hour or so of my time (well spent!)..Good video on the process attached:


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