Phone bluetooth audio speakers

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Phone bluetooth audio speakers

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2004 gl1800
What I want to do: play audio, music, GPS from phone thru bike speakers

Saw this video, bought stuff in video.

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What bike has: cigarette port in front left pocket, NO AUX CORD. VGA in trunk under lid cover thing.

What I bought (from video):
-bluetooth adapter
-ground loop noise isolator
-3 port cigarette USB charger

How do I get this to work? From video, looks like 3 port cigarette USB charger plugs into front left pocket cigarette charger port (duh), then bluetooth adapter, usb side, plugs into 3 port cigarette charger, then plug amp into 3.5mm audio jack side of bluetooth adapter. Charging cable for amp goes into amp and USB side into USB charger port. Then ground loop noise isolator in between amp and bluetooth adapter.

Will I need to add an aux cord to bike to be able to play audio? What does that plug into, the amp? My phone should connect via bluetooth so shouldn't need a cord. The only open port is a headphone jack/aux cord on the amp.

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