Ram air modification

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Ram air modification

Post by raygald »

Some sport bikes have Ram air system to bring more air to engine with the speed, like a "natural" turbo. These are openings on the front fairing.

Does someone has attempted to do a modification of the air inlets of GL1800 to increase amount of air, and power, brought to engine?

If so, does the ECU and EFI compensate the increased amount of air without having to tune it with specialized knowledges, tools and softwares?

Is there a modification on fuel economy? Better or worst?

Bring more power to overpass at high speed or it the same as non-modified?

Terry D
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Re: Ram air modification

Post by Terry D »

My 2005 has two air tubes (OEM) from the air box pointing towards the front. I would think air rushing up over the front fender at speed is enough to force more air into the airbox.
When you take the top shelter off to change the air filter you will see the same thing.
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Re: Ram air modification

Post by tamathumper »

The GL1800 doesn't have a MAF, but it does have a MAP and a simple ECU, so it would probably compensate for the increased air pressure, but I don't know if that would equate to more power.
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Re: Ram air modification

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raygald wrote: Thu Oct 08, 2020 11:21 am Some sport bikes have Ram air system to bring more air to engine with the speed, like a "natural" turbo.
They are about as useful as an afterburner on a turtle, or the "wing" bolted to the trunk lid of a Subaru.

Think about it. If "ram air" has any effect for a 75MPH crotch rocket, why did 400MPH WWII fighters have those heavy superchargers?

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