Gray paint and scratches on lower bodywork.

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Gray paint and scratches on lower bodywork.

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Greetings fellow wingers,

I really appreciate all the info on this site. Since I bought my '06 wing last year, I've spend a LOT of time on this site. I have an issue that I've not found on here though.

I have two questions.
1. I have put some scratches on the lower body work (I don't know if I'd call it the cowl, it's not the front plastic piece). It is the metal just under my foot heat vents ,just under the front engine guards. There are two little bulges in the metal (not sure what's behind them). However, I've drug the paint off on these bulges. I'm a little surprised that the body drags before the crash bars. (I'm not actually sure if those bulges drag before the pegs or not. So my question is, "Is this normal? Does everyone else drag paint off this part of their bikes? Now to be fair, the roads where I live suck, and have many potholes and dips, so I'm wondering if I hit a dip with my front tire while in a hard lean. BTW, despite some crappy roads, most of WV has some great riding areas.

2. I'd like some touch up paint to prevent rust where the paint has been scratched. From what I've seen, despite the main color of most gl1800s, (at least gen1) the portion I'm speaking about under the engine is a gray/silver color. Does anyone know the paint code so I can find some matching paint? Has anyone else done this and how good was the match? Did you spray (rattle can) or just use a touch up paint pen?

Thanks in advance for all your help. I'm sure I'll get a good answer.

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Re: Gray paint and scratches on lower bodywork.

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fibersport asked the question about touch up paint recently: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=61471&p=354565#p354565

I was mildly surprised at some of the runs and scratches under my bike. Normal use I believe. My belly pan has done its job.
2015 Goldwing, basic black

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Re: Gray paint and scratches on lower bodywork.

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Those are called front exhaust shields. Behind the bulges is space to attache the heat vent cable. It's not unusual for damage to occur in that area. If a riders riding style has spirit, most likely theirs are damaged too. About the only way to avoid that damage from happening is to change riding habits, or an expensive suspension upgrades which repositions the stance of the GW.

As for the exhaust shield's color, it is called VERNIER GRAY METALLIC. Its paint code is known as NH168M. I believe this part number is for a bottle of touch-up paint from Honda ... 08P50-NH168M-PN. It can be ordered though you local dealer, or from the link below. ... =typeahead
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