Reserve Fuel?

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Re: Reserve Fuel?

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Brentt4 wrote: Sun Apr 25, 2021 12:48 am As if this thread is 12 years old and still going. Here in Canada, I’ll hit reserve at around 263 kms and continue with 3 litres left until completely empty. I figure another 60 kms at 20 kms/litre. And, yes I reset my trip meter, so I know exactly haw far I can go. Only ran out of fuel once doing this. Lol
2001 Gl1800 by the way, amd always run 87 octane. Staying COVID-free 😷
The threads only need a post in them to keep them going. They do not disappear at any rate. So, hitting reserve that early - is that pulling a trailer? I don't hit reserve till about 340. I can easily, but carefully, go to 400 kms without running out of fuel. If I am pulling a trailer, this drops to about 320, with reserve light at 260. I try to never run out of fuel with any fuel injected vehicle.

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Re: Reserve Fuel?

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I've done 235 miles and filled my 05 with 5.2 gallons of 89 0ctane. I guess I was good for another 40 miles easy.
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Re: Reserve Fuel?

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There are six marks on the GL1800 fuel gauge, which I very roughly equate to gallons.

Riding one-up on the slab my MPG is very dependent on speed. If I'm not going much over 70, I can get 250+ miles out of a tank of gas, which is a little over 41 MPG. If I put the screws to it, MPG will fall by a couple MPG. If I'm doing over 80 for a long time, MPG will drop to about 35 MPG.

I noticed that riding 2-up and pulling the Lumina trailer a couple weekends ago at 70+ MPH that fuel mileage dropped to 35 MPG, or 35 miles per mark on the fuel gauge. I figure that's about 2 MPG lower than if I was riding one-up without the trailer, so not too bad overall.
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