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Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Please help

Post by Kwest364 »

2004 gl1800. I have no idea what stock is and what's not on this bike. Trying to add aux cable. Before ordering, wanted to see how it looked under there and how they connect.
So, there is no STOCK aux cable that plugs into a phone, correct?
My pocket has a cigarette lighter there. Is that STOCK?
Pocket won't come out. It seems stuck from cigarette charger. NOW how do I remove that? Will not pop off and seems to have a collar on the inside of pocket. Don't know why there's not a wire that just comes loose with it, giving some slack.
Am I missing something?

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Re: Please help

Post by MikeB »

A power socket is not stock. There are several manufacturers that make and sell them, Honda is one of them. The sockets are installed by the owners or my a motorcycle service shop at the buyers request. They do not come crom the factory like that.

With a power socket in place in the pocket, you need to take out the fasteners that hold the pocket in place, pull the pocket up while pulling it up at the rear to cleat the fairing ledge. Then you should be able to remove the pocket with the power socket in place. The power socket will be plugged into a three pin red connector. Disconnect that and you should be able to remove the entire pocket away from the bike.

The aux audio cable connects to a white three pin connector that is located in the same rubber boot that the red three pin power connector is located. The connectors are constructed differently so you cannot accidently plug in a wrong connector.

That aux audio cable only allows you to inject audio into the bike system. It is not compatible with a phone for two way communications. The Honda aux cable has the three pin white connector on one end and a three connection Stereo Plug on the other. That stereo plug is 3.5 mm. It will plug into a phone or an MP3 player as long as the phone or player has a 3.5 mm receptacle.
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Re: Please help

Post by Deerskinlake »

The reason that you could be having issues pulling the pocket out is that you need to pull out the colored faring trim band that runs along the left edge of the faring. All you have to do is reach with your finger nail at the top of tge strip and pull up and then un snap it along the rest of its length.
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Re: Please help

Post by PastoT »

After removing the 4 reusable plastic pocket rivets, lift the pocket out by the rear (shallow) end first and pull toward the rear of the bike. If the lighter socket was installed at the designated drill center point the socket body should lever down deeper into the shelter and not drag or catch on the forward underside of the shelter. The connecter you seek will be in a black rubber boot forward and left of the pocket area, on very short wires that make it a bit of a problem reaching it; follow the wires from the lighter socket. the rubber boot on my 02 is pretty high up toward the mirror base.
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Re: Please help

Post by AZgl1800 »

I added the power socket for accessories, and a Aux cable extender so the GPS audio could be piped into the Intercom on my 1800.

it is a 2002.


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