'06 GL1800 power failure

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'06 GL1800 power failure

Post by Lordarion »

got one i'm stumped on. let me set it up...
riding home at night, (running low beams, driving lights, radio and leds shown in pic) turned right onto main road, a minute later Navcom and radio control panel go black. a minute later gauges flatline and the lights start to dim out. turned left into a parking lot and everything comes back on 100%. now i'm a wrencher, and have a full set of service manuals for this trike, but it's my first winger and i don't have a clue where to begin to look for a source for this problem. i've only had it about a month, prior owner no help, this has happened twice now in the half dozen times i've rode it (both at night with the above list on). i replaced the battery when i bought it cause it was 5 yrs old and needed to be on the charger every couple days to keep it up. alternator putting out 13+ constantly.

if anyone has any ideas... i'm listening


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Re: '06 GL1800 power failure

Post by MikeB »

It sounds like a loose battery connection.
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Re: '06 GL1800 power failure

Post by Viking »

What caught my eye in your description was "turned right and the electrics began to fail" - "turned left and they came back 100%". This to me would indicate some chaffing or separating plugs where the steering could pull at them, straining them when turning right and relieving the stress when turning left. I would begin looking under the tupperware in front for wiring that is being pulled tight when turning right. However, an electrics or electronics specialist, I ain't.
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Re: '06 GL1800 power failure

Post by Techdude2000 »

Alternator voltage should be at 14V or more with the engine at 2500 rpm. It does sound like a bad connection on the battery, or a bad battery. Double check the terminals for corrosion on the backsides of the cable plates and make sure the bolts didn’t bottom out before tightening up the cables.

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