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Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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valve stems

Post by fibersport »

I've done a search and found very little to answer my question which is:

Is there any reason why you can use a straight valve stem on a Goldwing? My 1500 had them pointing to the right which made checking air pressure easier, my 1800 has them pointing to the left which makes checking air pressure more difficult unless on the center stand. I've heard the 1899 has a clearance issue with the brake rotor. I realize a straight valve stem might make checking air pressure a little more difficult depending on the gauge but it would eliminate the need for the extra plastic support and would look cleaner. My Shadow VLX had I think a straight one in front and maybe an angled one in back. Just curious as I will need tires this Spring and may change them over.

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Re: valve stems

Post by MikeB »

You can use a straight tire valve stem on an GL1800. The stems point to the left on the GL1800 rear wheel because they will not clear the brake caliper. I do not know if thata is the case with the front wheel.

The "T" stems work well on the front and rear of the GL1800 and on the rear of the GL1500.

The GL1500 rear can be straight. However, there is insufficient room for a straight stem on the GL1500 front wheel.
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Re: valve stems

Post by Snowmoer »

I would stick with a 90 degree stem unless you are using or are thinking of adding a Tire pressure monitoring system. If going to a tpms, then use the T stems. If not, here is what I put on my 1500.

They do not need a plastic support because they do not use a rubber grommet to go through the rim. They have a rubber O ring seals to the rim and use a nut on the inside of the rim. I used these on my ST 1300 and GL 1500. They are still going strong after 15 years without any leaks on the ST, and are nearing 10 years on the 1500.

A straight stem will just be a real pain for checking and adding air on a wing rim.
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Re: valve stems

Post by bstig60 »

I agree with MikeB, I use the t valve stems on my ST1300 and on the rear of my GL1800, I will be converting the front of the GL from the 90* valve stem, which must be installed at an angle to clear the brake rotor, to the T valve stem when I put on a new tire this spring. I use tpms on both bikes and would recommend others do the same as tire pressures vary with time and temperatures.
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Re: valve stems

Post by kwthom »

I guess it would depend on your air chuck.

The only valve I had at the moment I put a new front tire on a new-to-me rim was a short, straight metal stem.

Welp, my dual tire chuck (Harbor Freight) might fit a semi, but doesn't fit that valve stem. Grrr....

I have to break out my inflator that lives on the bike to fill the tire. :|
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Re: valve stems

Post by PastoT »

Straight valves on the 1800 make servicing your air very difficult on the road, not all air hoses will seat well on the valve or even reach it. Turning 90 degree valves to the right works but without the plastic support rubber stock valves will wear out do to centripetal force flexing them up and down. If you convert to the metal bolt through T-Stems you can mount TPMS on the straight up portion and service your air either on the left or right side, you just have to keep from burning yourself on a hot rear brake rotor on the right side ( I'm not sure about caliper clearance). Also if your valves are flipped to the right side you need to be careful that service shops don't accidentally install your tires on to the rim backwards, or struggle to install your front wheel reversed left to right. I strongly suggest replacing the cruddy rubber valve stems with all metal bolt through valve stems.

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