07 Gl1800 im in pain!

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07 Gl1800 im in pain!

Post by Rudynewtech »

Hi Wingers.
I've had this 07 about 4 years now. My second wing, (first was 82 1100 aspencade.. great machine)
My problem is I'm getting serious pain in my leg/ in the crotch area after 60 to 90 miles. Not siatica but right in my hip joint. Now notwithstanding my age (70 and in good shape) i feel like im riding a sport bike my knees are elevated my feet are back (stock pegs, no floorboards) I've added a gel cushion (external) to raise my butt 2 inches. I've added the shim kit to the handlebars to raise them as well.. maybe a 1/2".
I'd like to try lowering the pegs 2".
I cant find anything aftermarket that will allow this lowering.
Also thinking that the helibars might allow my a more upright posture. They are quite pricey and I'm not sure they'll give me what im looking to accomplish.
I'm only 5'11" so its not that I'm a real tall person .
A friend suggested highway pegs so i sat on a similar wing with them.. omg now i know why the wife complains about the gyno table. So that option is out!
I also ride a suzuki m109 boulevard cruiser and i sit on that machine with my feet forward and arms high. I did add longer H/bar risers. But I have little of this discomfort on the boulevard as i do on the wing. (I dread rough roads on it but that's the way the boulevard suspension is)
Is anyone else experiencing this issue. Seems odd that a bike designed for touring is almost not rideable after two hours in the saddle.

Is hate to throw a grand at it, ...modified seat... lowered pegs... heli bars... only to find its still not comfortable.
If i can't correct this for summer 2021 I'll sell it. This saddens me cause its the smoothest bike I've ever owned. Fast as can be... handles about as good you could want (better than my boulevard 4 sure) plenty of storage and looks just great... and the wife loves it...thats the important part.
Chime in folks... any ideas?
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Re: 07 Gl1800 im in pain!

Post by WingAdmin »

The seating position on the GL1800 is also the reason why I ride a GL1500. I have very long legs, and after an hour or two on the GL1800, my knees are so sore that I have to get off and walk around for a bit. I do not have this problem on my GL1500.
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Re: 07 Gl1800 im in pain!

Post by AZgl1800 »

two options

1) Mic.O.Pegs like I have for the same reason.

2) Lowered pegs from Roadsmith Trikes
http://www.trikeshop.com/shop/product/7 ... -controls/

These are the Mic.O.Pegs as mounted on my bike..... you must call them on the phone, to get them properly fitted, there are several options depending on your legs length, and how you like your feet to be....
I wanted mine down low and straight forward, best decision I ever made.

In this first picture, notice the 45 degree slant upward of the foot peg, that is not OEM.
I took two 12 inch Crescents and put a twist in the long arm to do that. That causes your foot to want to slide down into the Vee Notch, making it impossible for your feet to slide off the pegs.

This was recommended to me by Mic.O.Peg's owner when I talked to him at a rally.

Wish I had a picture with me on the bike, and my feet on the pegs. they drop down to about 2 inches off the pavement, slide your foot back, and they spring up out of the way.....

How high/low they go, depends on how you mount them..... I installed them 3 times to get it right for me
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Re: 07 Gl1800 im in pain!

Post by AZgl1800 »

a close up from the side, they almost disappear when up high & tight.

they can be mounted on the Vertical Bars, the Horizontal bars, high or low.
I chose Low.

IF, you reverse them to the opposite side, your feet will end way up high, almost horizontal like the Harley riders do with their Highway Pegs. I don't like that, so I put them low

2009 Piaggio MP3 250cc

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Re: 07 Gl1800 im in pain!

Post by DenverWinger »

I didn't know much about the 1500s and 1800's when I started shopping for another bike 4 yrs ago. There were a couple older 1800's that were within my budget at the time but I finally settled on the low miles '93 I have now. It was certainly an older model in my budget range and at the high side of price range for a '93, but in pretty much immaculate condition and nice accessories. I haven't regretted the purchase one second.

Still don't know that much about the 1800's but have read much more in the last 4 yrs. Evidently I made the right choice on the nice '93 1500 vs an early 1800, at 6' 6" tall and 36" inseam I probably would be terribly uncomfortable on an 1800 as opposed to the 1500.

The bike came with highway boards on the crash bars, I very rarely use them, preferring feet on the pegs... I also have a back rest which I like, I'd go out and look but it's cold out, think it's a Markland.

There's still plenty of nice 1500's out there, Might be worth looking around for a good trade?
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Re: 07 Gl1800 im in pain!

Post by Wingsconsin »

I have found the SEAT (saddle) is the most important element of comfort for long distance riding -

I have the AeroPegs from Rivco, and Mic-o-pegs too but rarely use them -

I also spent (more than a $1000) on my Diamond Custom Seat and backrest -

Best money I ever spent -

ALL my bikes have had a Diamond Seat on them these past many years -

My Suzuki GS850 GL has a Diamond custom seat on it and I can ride it 500 miles easily in a day or more --

My 1500's had them too -- and I have many IBA rides (a few I certified) --

But once you OWN a custom saddle you have to ride it for 1000-2000 miles to break it in -- then you are good for a lifetime -

Yes $1000+ is a lot of money -- but there is NOTHING cheap on a Goldwing (except the rider ;) )

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Your results may vary. Universal disclaimers apply.

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Re: 07 Gl1800 im in pain!

Post by Asphaltmaniac »

I had the same problem over time as my seat began to wear out..So instead of lowering the foot pegs I raised my sitting position. I found at my local fabric shop HIGH DENSITY foam 1 inch thick cut to fit and Wa-La, suddenly hitting higher with broader support. And it wont absorb water. And its cheap!

If for some reason they only have 1/4 thick. Cut and stack as many as you need and a few drop of epoxy will hold them together.

Total cost...$80 for the sheep skin cover and 5 green skins for the foam...

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