Hand Grip issues

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Hand Grip issues

Post by Usranger74 »

2016 Honda Goldwing

My heated hand grips are not working properly.

When I start my engine the work for approximately 15 minutes then stop. If I stop and turn my engine off then back on they will work for another 15 minutes before stopping.

What’s going on?


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Re: Hand Grip issues

Post by tfdeputydawg »

Do you have the Comfort system or just heated grips?
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Re: Hand Grip issues

Post by goldwingrider.steve »

The Honda heat system is monitored by a box of tricks mounted to the rear of the battery, partly hidden by the left saddlebag. When it detects a fault it shuts the system down. When you shut the bike down and restart it the heat system is reset and will work okay until the fault is picked up again and then it shuts down again.
You've got a fault somewhere, the most common is a faulty left grip going open circuit once it gets up to normal temperature. When the bike is shut off and the grip cools down it will work normally until it heats up again.
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