2003 1800 goldwing

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2003 1800 goldwing

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The speedometer stopped working then it started back and stopped again what's up what do I do to fix ? also a f1 light came on what is this telling me? Throttle has been adjusted but real touche. If try to go SLOW but goes to fast.

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Re: 2003 1800 goldwing

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There is a thread under the How-To Articles tab above:

2015 Goldwing, basic black

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Re: 2003 1800 goldwing

Post by DelusionalM »

My guess is that the FI light is because the speed signal is faulty. The connector for the speed sensor is on the right side near the lower vent. There are 3 wires, One is ground, one is power (+12 volts from tail light circuit if I remember correctly), the other is output.
The output is 5 volts and will turn on and off every few inches of rear tire travel.

If you feed a 5 volt square wave at about 1 kHz it will put the speedo at about 100Km/h.

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