Air Filter Change & Spring Maintenance 2002 GL1800

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Air Filter Change & Spring Maintenance 2002 GL1800

Post by Wingsconsin »

This past several days I decided to get the Wing ready for a good riding season -

I changed the plugs (because I can't remember when I last did them) and then the Air Filter -
Honda maintenance schedule calls for doing it every 12,000 miles --

I think I have about 15,000 miles on this Air Filter ---

hardly worth the effort to get to it .. :(

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Re: Air Filter Change & Spring Maintenance 2002 GL1800

Post by MikeB »

I know what you mean. I've been weighing and deciding abuot changing the air filter on my 2017 with 14,000 miles on it.

I changed the filer on my 2003 at about 43,000 miles... probably too long. I think 24,000 would be better.
Here is the 2003 filter.

And I replaced the filter in my 1998 at about 38,000 miles. That one needed it too.

I replaced the GL1500 fuel filter also since I had it torn down. It was discolored but there wasnt't any debris in the filter. Of course, the GL1800 doesn't have a fuel filter to replace but I'm thinking Honda figured that it most likely doesn't need it.

I think 24,000 miles is my target now.
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Re: Air Filter Change & Spring Maintenance 2002 GL1800

Post by Asphaltmaniac »

Been using the cleanable K and N air filter on my 06 for years now..My routine is to clean it every spring regardless of miles.
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Re: Air Filter Change & Spring Maintenance 2002 GL1800

Post by dtcad »

This is from my 17 wing at 19k miles. Daylight & Dark. They are clogged up more than they appear to be when held up to a strong light.

DT, Enjoy the ride.
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