F4+4 velcro....

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Big Bob
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F4+4 velcro....

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This is a strange problem, I installed a F4+4 windshield on my 1800 2 years ago and have noticed the velcro strip the you install on the top edge of the fairing is working its way out. Somehow I believe the adhesive has worn out. Before installing the velcro strip, I cleaned the area with water only and made sure it was dry before installing the velcro strip. So obviously I will need to disassemble and reattach the velcro strip, sooo...do I contact F4 windshields, tell them what happened, maybe they'll send me a new piece of velcro with some hot install tips and see what their thoughts are, or just suck it up and use some kind of an adhesive to reattach it to the fairing, if so what should I use for an adhesive? Anyone else had this problem before? I want something that will hold it in place, but not destroy the velcro or ruin the top of the plastic fairing. I'm bored and looking for ideas!! The help is much appreciated!


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Re: F4+4 velcro....

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Step 11: Clean off as much of old adhesive as possible.
Doubt just water is sufficient cleaning.
I'd call F4 customs
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