A better option to trailering.

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A better option to trailering.

Post by Skyryder »

A few days ago I posted a question about using a U-Haul trailer for my NTM ( New 2 me) '03 1800. After a number of very helpful replies, I woke up this morning with something a little bit scary going on......a thought! It seems to me the whole reason I bought this model bike is to RIDE it, not put it on a trailer, haul it around, take it off the trailer, go for a few short rides around town, then back on the trailer, and repeat at the next planned stop. A LOT of trouble it seems, so I ditched that idea and came up with a better one, this one won't allow me to take my golf clubs, but I suspect I won't miss them anyway. I have decided the best way to get more comfortable on the bike and enjoy the reason I have it is to just ride it instead of putting the silly thing on a trailer. Now, I do this with full knowledge that the weather will be terrible the entire week I am planning the trip, and also it's not like riding in the SUV for sure. I have limited experience with long distance trips on a motorcycle, and one of the things you cannot buy or borrow is experience. So, I wanted to ask what apps you use to plan a longer trip over unfamiliar highways. I could do it with my eyes closed on Interstates, but that is not the point here. I will use them when it is prudent, but prefer less busy routes if possible. FWIW, my intended route is N.E Florida to S.W Virginia, and then to Fredericksburg, VA area and back to Florida. I'd like to do it the second week of April or so, and will stop and visit with family in those places for a couple of days each. I expect the better part of 4 days purely devoted to travel ,with one night in a hotel each way. The bike is in the shop today, getting new LED turn signals and head lights, a 12V receptacle, and the mount for my Garmin, I expect to have new LED modulated tail lights before I take to the road. I will try to take some photos along the way, and do plan to go one way on the Skyline Parkway. I did it this past year in a RV, I suspect the trip to be a LOT more fun this time.....LOL. Thanks for taking a moment to read this missive, and my appreciation for any input you choose to leave.
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Re: A better option to trailering.

Post by MikeB »

Congratulations on your decision to ride.

I use the Garmin Map Source program. It is old but I keep the maps up to date. You could also use Base Camp. I've never gotten proficient at it so I prefer Map source.

I will typically plan the trip a week or two or more in advance. Normally using 400 to 500 miles as the target distane to travel. Makes for a liesure day of riding. I will make reservations at motels at least one day in advance. I take a notebook computer to make trip planning because I can transfer the routes to the GPS. I suppose I could use a smart phone to do that but transfering is not something I have learned to do.
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Re: A better option to trailering.

Post by WingAdmin »

I do the same. I MUCH prefer riding my bike than driving somewhere anyway.
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Re: A better option to trailering.

Post by AZgl1800 »

Up until 2008, I rode my bike to rallys, or to visit family and friends, even if it was 3,000 miles to get there.

then a Penske truck merged me into a center median wall...
that resulted in my body's thermostat getting busted all to hell.

my body can no longer shift the blood supply around to keep me cool when the Wx gets hot.

so, I load the 1800 on a trailer and travel in comfort with my Suburban's A/C dialed in to keep me healthy.

If I didn't the minute the ambient temps hit 83*F, I am done for, I must find Air Conditioning, or I will have a Heat Stroke.

To each their own. If you must trailer your bike, then do so.
If you can ride it in comfort, then ride it.

If your trip to the destination is more than 10 hours, and the humidity is 90% or higher, I drive, and maybe you should too. I have a lot of friends who now have Toy Hauler rigs, or enclosed trailers... comfort can not be ignored. Especially as we get older. I'm 78 as of 2 weeks ago.

I am going to the Rhino party in Guymon, OK come May... it is a 6 hour trip, and the Wx can change on a whim in a heartbeat.... it might be 68*F when I leave, but it could be 95*F or higher before I got there.

Once I am there, and see what the day's ride is going to encompass, I have to consult the Wx bureau to make sure that I can make the tour w/o getting sick....

I have a Phase Change vest which helps a lot, I use an Ice Chest on a hitch rack to hold the ice water to cool off that vest.... that will let me ride up to around 96*F, after that, I am done for the day.


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Re: A better option to trailering.

Post by Viking »

Bravo.... You have stumbled upon the reason for motorcycles - to ride them. Transport by trailer of a motorcycle is only for moving your home from one place to another when you have too much stuff to haul on a motorcycle (or, as is the case with AZgl1800, because of health reasons). I truly applaud your intestinal fortitude in beginning an endeavor that is totally out of your comfort zone. Enjoy the heck out of it, and realize that it will be only the beginning of a beautiful relationship with yourself. It is what I think of every time I throw my leg over one of my motorcycles and has always been that way. For me, motorcycling is not a 'sport'. It is a way of life, and at my age, it is too late to change that. I have been to every State in your Union, as well as all of our provinces and territories with the exception of our new one, Nunuvit, which has no roads to it that are suitable for two wheels, and I have been to all of these places on a motorcycle. I would love to do it all over again, but fear that I will have to pass the torch to younger folks before I can accomplish this. Oh how I can occasionally wax nostalgic. Nuff outta me.
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Re: A better option to trailering.

Post by tamathumper »

I switch between Google Maps and Kurviger and Windy right now.

Google Maps because it's super fast and accurate and takes time-of-day traffic into account, so I get a very accurate ETA, and the route is drag-and-drop easy to modify.

Kurviger.de when I want to automatically plan curvier routes and take secondary roads. It is slower to recalculate but makes finding alternate routes easy.

Windy when I want to see what the temperatures and weather will be like at any point in my day(s)-long trip.

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