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Invalid Operation error

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 3:44 pm
by Orpheus75
I've recently developed an issue, of whenever I take the bike out of Neutral, or using the "reverse" button [which also 'takes it out of neutral'], I get an "Invalid Operation" error on the screen. Easy enough to get rid of it by just pressing the "back" or "enter" buttons.. but still an annoyance. And it never did that before, so to me.. that's an issue and shouldn't be there.
If I put it back in to neutral, it goes away. Or; once I clear the error, as long as I don't go into neutral [as in normal riding/shifting] I will not get that error.
Not sure if I have a malfunction in the GPS/computer, or something in a button that is sticking. I've cleaned them all out by blowing them with an air nozzle, but that hasn't fixed the issue.
Any one else come across this issue?