Highway Boards and a reasonable cost

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Highway Boards and a reasonable cost

Post by LK1LK1 »

I recently replaced my stock pegs on the '05 Wing with some nice 4-inch "rail" boards, (through Cyclemax), and what a nice difference. Those stock pegs were killing me. Still, I'm noticing the "knee ache" after an hour or two of riding. Not a result of those rail boards. I still need to stretch out my legs on some decent and affordable Highway Boards to achieve long-distance comfort.

I've owned a new Victory in the past, which had huge (stock) floorboards that allowed me to move my legs around. I rode 29,000 miles in two years on that bike, and cross-country adventures too. In addition, a previous Gl1500 Wing that I had ridden for years never cramped my knees. So, I attribute my change to the 1800 as either my "break-in" period or just the different design of the bike.

In any event, I love the 1800 excepting for the knee cramps that I experience. I'm hoping my selection of some nice (affordable, under $300.00) Highway Boards will allow me to experience some long-distance endurance without knee problems. I'm 5'11 and have freakish 11.5 size feet, and so I'm hoping to select a larger "platform" type of Board. I've already perused CycleMax, WingStuff and the other sites to view styles and prices of Highway Boards.

This posting is to ask what type of success stories others now have with their Highway Boards, allowing me cut through all of the great marketing hype now displayed on retailer's sites who sell a wide (and confusing) array of Highway Boards for the GL1800. Any suggestions appreciated! Thank You.

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Re: Highway Boards and a reasonable cost

Post by Rambozo »

The 1800 is more cramped than the 1500. Some have found that getting the seat modified to be a little taller and pushed farther back has helped a lot.
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Re: Highway Boards and a reasonable cost

Post by tamathumper »

MBL handlebar risers that bring the handlebars back has allowed me to sit further back just a bit, and my knees are at a better angle.

But the Mic-O-Pegs are what helped the most.
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Re: Highway Boards and a reasonable cost

Post by Mountain rider »

Spend an additional $30 and get a set of Rivco AeroPegs. They don't have a wide foot board like you want but, they don't add bulk to the side of your bike, they look clean when stowed, and they have just enough adjustment to accommodate about anyone. I tried the Ergo's and several other options, but could never get them to set where I needed them leaving me either cramped up or having to stretch to reach them. The final straw for the Ergo's was when I laid the bike over to change a rear tire, the arm got pushed up against the engine and the mount snapped. You can't buy just one mount, you have to buy a set and at $120 just for the mounts I walked away. Good luck in your search.

Here they are on my 1800.

I might add, I ride hundreds of miles using these, returning to the floor boards mainly to use the brakes or shift when going through town or changing speed zones.
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Re: Highway Boards and a reasonable cost

Post by raven41951 »

Yes I'm a late entry but ditto on the Rivco. I just got an email from them that they are raising their prices in September due to higher costs. I use Floor boards with H/T shifter (Cyclemax) and switch to the pegs to stretch my legs.

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