Hi way pegs

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Hi way pegs

Post by Kgwing »

I'm looking for recommendations for Hi way pegs/bars for my 2010 1800. I'm 6'2"

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Andy Cote
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Re: Hi way pegs

Post by Andy Cote »

I like the spring loaded Mick-O-Pegs. They have several variations so it's best to just send them an e-mail at their CUSTOM FIT ANALYSIS


I also like the RIVCO Aeropegs for their clean, factory look. https://www.rivcoproducts.com/
2015 Goldwing, basic black

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Re: Hi way pegs

Post by Mountain rider »

Plus one for the Rivco's! They look clean and work well. I'm not a fan of things that hang off the bike like the Mic-O-Pegs or Kury Ergo's. They add bulk and make the bike look cluttered.
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Re: Hi way pegs

Post by kwthom »

I've watched one too many people lose it on a bike with those M-named pegs installed. :shock:

Anopther Rivco Aeropegs plus one. They *are* adjustable.
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Re: Hi way pegs

Post by C-dub »

I, too, like my Mick-O's. I should have gone with the block that fit my height, but they didn't have one in stock and went with the one for up to 5'11" IIRC. I'm 6' and should have waited, but got impatient due to an upcoming trip that I wanted them on for. One of the Mick brothers recommended that block by saying that he would also be the same height as me for the longer reach, but found that he was for comfortable with the one for a shorter reach.

I wish I would have waited. Mine is okay. My only hold up is that just the block for the little extra reach is over $200 IIRC. So far, it's not uncomfortable enough for that expense yet.
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Re: Hi way pegs

Post by AZgl1800 »

Mountain rider wrote: Wed Jun 09, 2021 1:39 pm Plus one for the Rivco's! They look clean and work well. I'm not a fan of things that hang off the bike like the Mic-O-Pegs or Kury Ergo's. They add bulk and make the bike look cluttered.

you can barely see them......
Mick.O.Pegs is the way to go, they spring up out of the way.

I know of two bikes that took a bad tumble when the hard highway pegs caught some pavement on a tight turn...
the Mick.O.Pegs will spring up out of the way.


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Re: Hi way pegs

Post by hvyrtft »

I really like my Rivco pegs. I'm 5'11 with a 33 inch inseam

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Re: Hi way pegs

Post by bookmaker »

6' 3" here so know the the long leg issue on a wing. Bought an 03 in aug. of that year and took a ride in oct. same year to Mick O Pegs home north of Detroit to get the right type and haven't looked back. Another note 18 years old and still no sign of rust on them, just a little sun fading of the foot rests. :D

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