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Re: Auxiliary lights

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Good day all. I wanted to ask a question before I start down the rabbit hole. I have a 2014 Goldwing that I bought on consignment in 2019 at the end of season. I took it in last month for a Spring service and now neither my ring of fire or rear led lights work. There is no power to the switches or the voltage regulator. My question is where do these lights plug in, I suspect it is a simple unplugging but I am not sure where to start. I would take it back to the dealer but the next available appointment is not till July.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Re: Auxiliary lights

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Welcome to the forum. Where are you from?

The ring of fire lights are an aftermarket add-on; not a Hondaline option. I expect what you are referring to as rear LED lights are as well. Knowing the brand of aftermarket light may lead us to their instructions but there is no way to be sure they were installed that way. The only sure way is to hand trace the wiring back from the lights to a power source.

What switches are you referring to? Those may well be aftermarket as well and, again, only the installer knows how they were wired up.

Curious as to what you mean by no power to voltage regulator.

We also don't know what you mean by "spring service" and therefore can't tell if they are related. You can review the receipt from that service and relay the details here or perhaps just go back to the service shop and ask them if they remember and would think the things are related. Good news is these items are not obstructing you from use and if they really need an appointment to repair, you can still ride.
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Re: Auxiliary lights

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Sounds like it needs to go back to the shop. If it worked when you took it in, it should work when you pick it up.
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