The "feel" of that clutch lever

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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The "feel" of that clutch lever

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As with most owners of an 1800, there is (hopefully) a consistent "feel" of the bike. Whether at idle, running through the gears, at varied speeds, etc. Not necessarily just the usual whirring and humming noises during operation of the bike, but that consistent and expected feel of the machine.

My '05 has about 29-K on the odometer, and runs very well. I've had it 6 months, and bought it from a previous owner who maintained it well. My own lengthy Wing experience has been with the 1200 and 1500 models through past decades. Most of those models all had their consistent "feel" too, but none with a "buzz" from the clutch when the clutch lever pulled in.

I'm finally getting used to the 1800, which is an entirely different animal from the 1500 to say the least and especially the difference in the clutch-lever action. One thing that I've noticed recently, (which is not problematic) is a kind of "buzz" feel in the clutch lever when the clutch is fully pulled in toward the grip. This occurs at times, but not all of the time. There is no clutch or shifting problem, just that "buzz." It's more of "feel" in that clutch lever, and not a noise. I have the proper oil in the bike, and it was changed last month. No "buzz" after oil change, but it occurs from time to time, now.

This might seem trivial and be nothing to worry about. Possibly experienced by other 1800 owners, I just don't know. Anyway, maybe a change from my present (Honda OEM 10w-40w) oil to a better oil would correct and remove that "buzz"? I'm aware that clutch plates on the 1800 remain covered in motor oil during operation, and that quality (and appropriate) motor oil is critical to proper clutch operation. I do NOT suspect air in the clutch line. Any helpful comment about that "buzz" in the clutch lever appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: The "feel" of that clutch lever

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2004 here. Honda GN4 oil. Proper level too. No buzz in clutch lever. Clutch engages immediately when the lever is started to be released (beginning of the travel).
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Re: The "feel" of that clutch lever

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I had 2 1800 wings, an 02 and an 08, never noticed a buzz in the lever, I used Shell Rotella T 6 fully synthetic oil,. ... nBg=FFFFFF
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Re: The "feel" of that clutch lever

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Feel around with your other hand when it is buzzing. Is the buzz coming through the handlebars-master cyl-lever, or is it just the clutch lever?
If it is just the lever it could be coming through the hydraulics. Since it is only when pulled, the first thing I would look at is to remove the slave cyl, and check the actuation surfaces and release bearing. Make sure everything is smooth.

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