2004 GL1800 Stereo Amp Install

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2004 GL1800 Stereo Amp Install

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I've upgraded the front and back speakers with POLK. Sound better, but still no real power. Thinking of installing an Amp. Has anyone else done this? What problems encountered, and does heat affect system if say install is in trunk or side bags? Heat normally not a concern, but I take two day trips in Texas and Oklahoma summers. Tends to make all compartments warm. Considering a Alpine S-A60M.

Thanks Guys and Gals.


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Re: 2004 GL1800 Stereo Amp Install

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You are halfway there with the Polk speaker installation. The other half is removing your stock GW stereo and sending it to Larry? at Wingconnect.com.
He upgrades the power output part of the stereo (described in detail on his website) As it should have been done from Honda, and then you have the other half!

I have not done this yet but am going to when I have the top shelter off next (will remove radio then).
Thanks for the post. Need to Dorset the speakers right now.
May I ask if you installed DB501’s in all corners? Drop right in without hassle?
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