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Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Terry D
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Great Help

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So many of us ask for help and get Great Advice or Suggestions. Then we don't hear if the advice or suggestions worked to fix the problems. Please guys respond back about the results or what you did to fix the problem you were asking about. It helps all of us, maybe now or maybe in the future.

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Re: Great Help

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I've been fortunate to have received some great suggestions and replies from Wing owners who visit this board, and I appreciate the past feedback that helped me solve what I had thought were huge problems.

When I couldn't get my '05 Wing up on the center stand, regardless of my repetitive and flawed procedural method, several replies and video tutoring actually demonstrated the proper and easy way to place the Wing on the center stand. I had past models of Wings, and I thought that I had known it all when "raising" a Wing to the stand. I didn't. Anyway, thankful for the feedback and the situation solved. Now, I place the Wing on the center stand with ease.

I once had the dreaded valve-stem failure on the rear tire of my Wing. The bike was in my heated garage when the stem failed, but the rear tire was still flat as a pancake. The rear tire would still hold some air, but only for a few minutes, although that's all that I needed to get the Wing on the center stand. Anyway, several Wing owners answered my questions about the procedure to change the (OEM) valve stem. Including a change of the original stem to a better (metal) one in my situation, and the change could occur even while the tire was still on the bike. The use of C-clamps to break the tire bead, along with a simple reach through of the tire sidewall to install a better 90-degree metal stem, did the trick. A GWRRA owner even stopped by to assist, and he wouldn't accept a dime for his valuable assistance, because he wanted to see if the procedure described by a member on the GoldWing Docs website would actually work. It did.

I've also received suggestions and advice from members on this Board specific to oil, filters, tires and Wing lighting. All appreciated! Saved me some coin, and grief! A great shout out to the Admin of this Board, too, of course. He provides an incredible amount of "how-to" info, all for free, and his assistance a real time and cost saver! Thanks everyone !
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