Hanger pin MIA

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Hanger pin MIA

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I was replacing the front brake pads on Sunday and through sheer stupidity ran into an annoying issue. I had pulled the old pads out and was cleaning the hanger pin when I got distracted for a few minutes. When I came back to the job, the hanger pin was gone. The only thing that I can figure was that I still had it in my hand when I went out into the yard and I somehow managed to drop it in the grass somewhere. Regardless I've looked everywhere and I just can't find it. It must have dropped into that same black hole where missing socks go.

I've ordered a new one from the dealer, but it will take several days before it gets here. Unfortunately my wife and I were supposed to go on a trip this weekend. I've called around town to see if anybody has an old parts bike that I could steal one from, but all anybody has around here for parts bikes are Harleys and the pins on those are too short.

Any suggestions on something else that I could use until the new pin arrives? Or am I just cancelling the trip?

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