updating 2008 navi

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updating 2008 navi

Post by BadBowTie »

i called garmin and they said that they no longer have updates for a 2008 wing. is there any way to update my system? HOW UP TO DATE IS THIS CARD?
the card in my bike is

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Re: updating 2008 navi

Post by GoldWingrGreg »

It does appear that Garmin quit supporting 2006-09 Wings. To verify, go here. For others, it does say they are still supporting 2009-17.


About 2-3 years ago Garmin did come out with their last update. I bought mine from their web page, and it did say then, that this was gonna be their last up date for year 2006-09 Wings. Mines a 2007, and this is what my screen shows when booting.

If I recall, I'd updated my GPS software twice. The other picture is my first update.

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Re: updating 2008 navi

Post by kwthom »

BadBowTie wrote: Tue Sep 06, 2022 6:14 pm is there any way to update my system? HOW UP TO DATE IS THIS CARD?
Probably original...

There's a LOT of info out there - both on this forum and elsewhere - about how to do an update. There's a couple of avenues; one involves the ownership of a Garmin GPS that you can 'legally' copy the map data from to use it on your bike. The other avenue is developing a build of open-source map data that the Garmin unit can operate from.

One of the issues that Garmin ran into is the memory in those original units ('06 - '08) was quite a bit smaller than updated models of the GPS had.

It's believed that 'lifetime' for Garmin support of the GPS was actually ten years.
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