Supplementary Hazard STROBES

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Supplementary Hazard STROBES

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I would like to add supplementary strobes to my new-to-me '09 1800 and was hoping to tap into the existing hazard light circuit. I will be swapping out incandescent for LED on front and rear turn indicators before adding a 7 amp draw for the strobes. Can I tap into the primary circuit of the hazard flasher in order to do this, and what color wire might that be? Should I switch to Plan B and just run a separate circuit? I understand that the hazard switch provides 1. a ground for the hazard flasher and 2. a pass-through for the flashing 12v to a diode to all of the turn signals. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Supplementary Hazard STROBES

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Great idea. I added extra strobes to the rear but used a separate switch.

I had originally planned to replace the reflector with a red, three LED strobe for brake lights. Instead, I added a Signal Dynamics brake light flasher to all my added brake lights (OEM are still solid).

Read another thread that talked about a white backup light and decided to replace the reflector with one of those - also manually switched. I wanted to add some amber strobes at the same time. Then I saw our state DOT started supplementing their amber strobes with green on their trucks. At first I thought it was a gimmick but once I saw them, they really do get your attention, so I went with green instead.

I would suggest a few other things. You can create or purchase a harness that will allow the current Hazard Lights to work with the key off. You can also replace the brake light in the optional trunk spoiler with one the includes amber turn signals as well. Factory brake lights sometimes have all four trunk bulbs as brake light and sometimes only have two. The sockets and bulbs are all capable of brake lights. If just two, it's a simple jumper wire to get them all working as brake lights. Consider replacing brake light bulbs with LED and SoCalMotoGear offers them with a built in flash feature. Both Electrical Connection and SoCalMotoGear offer these. All these parts are available from

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