Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Has anyone attempted or successfully adapted a UHF/VHF CB to work on their Wing, I have one here with 99% of the controls handled and performed via an array of buttons on the Mic/Hand peice and toying with the idea of trying to get it running as the old AM CB radio format isn't used much if at all any more and I've had nothing but dramas with the standard CB anyway with the original one being dead and a purchased one only displaying "CB Error"

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There are a few threads here on UHF/VHF installs (while there are unlicensed options in VHF/UHF bands here in the us, the label of CB is usually only used for the HF 11 meter radios).

Some have opened the harness and used the factory controls.

The most common way though is to ignore the factory CB controls and use the Kennedy Cell-Set FRSet-4 to inject the signal from any two way radio in to the intercom circuit. I had that set up on my GL1500 and am currently building a harness to connect a Yaesu to my GL1800.

You should also consider going Bluetooth. Some radios come with that built in now or you can add a Bluetooth transceiver to most any radio to connect to a BT headset.

There are also threads to modify the Honda CB or AM/FM antennas to accept a VHF/UHF antenna or just add a new mount for a good antenna.
2015 Goldwing, basic black

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