Pannier Framework

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Pannier Framework

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Hi Guys, when I got the Goldwing back in October 2022 she was in good nick apart from the lacquer on the rear wheel.

The first owner had ridden her through a couple of winters I guess, and the salt had done its work on the wheels and anywhere else it could reach.
She has had a massive clean from me as best as one can. I endeavoured to remove the rear panel (for tyre removal on its stand) but the nuts here were rusted solid, I am certain as the previous guy had tried to unscrew them resulting in broken plastic tabs. I laid flat on the ground and looked up into the rear wheel pannier area and the framework was rusty too. I sprayed as much muck off as I could and applied some ACF-50 via a long handled brush to in some way stop the rot.

With the seized nuts, is it worth trying to gain access here to access this framework or should the occasional clean and application of rust inhibitors etc do the job? Also is it worth trying to fix the broken tab as rear tyre removal for changing is done via my local garage. I am sure the Goldwing has a few hidden nooks and crannies that accumulate grime.


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