Reverse button won't stay "In"

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Reverse button won't stay "In"

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Bike is a 2006 Wing. When in neutral, Reverse button won't stay engaged. Push it in, the R light comes on, but when you release the button, it pops back out. You can hear the relays. If you hold it in and push in the start/reverse lever, it will go backward, but probably not a good idea if something is "broken" in the switch etc. Any ideas?

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Re: Reverse button won't stay "In"

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Re: Reverse button won't stay "In"

Post by mosesmcrae »

I have the same problem on my "01. I'm told the switch is a relay and when it doesn't hold "in" the relay is the problem. I talked to a part time Goldwing mechanic and he said the assembly holding the reverse switch is very complex and would not recommend disassembly by a novice. I'm not going to touch it. I have an appointment with a Honda shop in a couple weeks. I'll let you know what they said and did--and the cost. If you hear any more before then, please share with us.



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