How to remove saddlebags?

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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How to remove saddlebags?

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Do you by any chance know how to get the saddlebags off of a 2012 GL1800 Goldwing? I am attaching an Insta Trike to my bike but am having trouble with the saddlebag removal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: How to remove saddlebags?

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I haven't a clue if the 2012 is different from it's previous brothers in this regard, but I would think it is not - so - I will give you the procedure for 01-10 and we can hope it is the same

1. Remove the following:

Left and right side covers
Rear Fender
Trunk Lower cover
Trunk lock cover

2. Open the saddlebag and ensure it is empty
3. Disconnect the saddlebag opener cable noting the routing for reassembly
4. Disconnect the two sub wire harness connectors located beneath the seat
5. Remove the bolts and washers that secure the saddlebag to the mounting brackets, taking out the top ones first and then the bottom ones
6. Close and remove the saddlebags as a complete unit
7. Remove the four collars from the mounting bolt holes in the saddlebag (I do not know why this step is here)
8. Installation is the reverse of these steps.

This was from a Clymer manual... A Honda manual may instruct differently.
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Re: How to remove saddlebags?

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Please please please just get rid of the insta trike it's a piece of crap trust me , you WILL NOT like it
bumpy roads no control at all I know so many people that bought them and the voyager kit--just junk

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Re: How to remove saddlebags?

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Why get rid of the Tow-Pac Insta Trike Kit? I have one on my Goldwing and I am not having any problems at all. In fact I did a road trip with it pulling a small trailer to Salt Lake City and back. Now problems what so ever. In fact, the ride was nice and smooth.

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Re: How to remove saddlebags?

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The insta trike (tow pac) is NOT a piece of crap. I have one on my 1500 and one on my 1800. Both do a great job. Now if you do not have one setup correctly then I guess it would be a bad thing. You do have to learn to ride a little different that a regular motorcycle but, you have to do that if you have a full trike also as you do not lean anymore in the turns.

Now to answer the original posters question. The saddle bags should come off like the other 1800 models as posted.

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