Front Brake Squeal

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Front Brake Squeal

Post by LouG »

I've got a 2008 GL1800 with about 7000 miles. The front brake will squeal when applied as, I assume, the rotor heats up. Is it possible I need a new rotor with this amount of mileage?

Red Ron
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Re: Front Brake Squeal

Post by Red Ron »

Mine started doing this about a month after I bought it new. It mostly happens when coming to a slow stop.It stopped after I replaced the front pads at about 34K miles. Lasted only a couple of weeks and started squealing again. I think there is a product you can buy to coat the backing plates with that dampens the squeal. If you read posts on other boards you will find that it is very common. Myself and many, many, others have just learned to live with it.
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Re: Front Brake Squeal

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I Loug

Its an issue of material hardness, as said Red Ron.

But if you just remove the pads and file them at each end to 45 degrees or more, for dust releases well, it greatly reduces the noise.

you have a picture, looking at the end plates.

FlyBoy2121 :mrgreen:

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