1500 cover and panel keepers

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1500 cover and panel keepers

Post by OnPapasWing » Sat Jul 25, 2015 5:15 pm

Hi all,

So after the accident I'm cleaning house. I ran across a couple of items that I thought I could sell but to you folks I would offer them at a fair price. I was in the process of installing several panel keepers but didn't get them all installed before the accident. What I have left are the fender keeper and door keeper. I believe the fender keeper sells for 14.95 and I will be willing to sell mine for $10. The door keeper sells for 9.95 and I will let mine go for $5. These are still in the sealed packaging.

When the previous owner had the bike he installed a different ignition switch cover, sits on the shelter, so that he could add gages. I still have the original cover. Not sure what he was trying to do but the PO had some velcro looking material around the ignition ring. When I removed it there is some dried up adhesive that doesn't seem to want to come off. These go for $77 new but due to the condition I'm asking $25.
I recall a while back that one of the forum members was painting assorted panels and such. If anyone remembers maybe they can reach out to see if there is interest. This cover would be a great candidate for a paint job. It was off a 1996 Red SE (color R176).


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