Wanted Nolan n-com MCS II Helmet Head Set

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Wanted Nolan n-com MCS II Helmet Head Set

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I have a Nolan N43 helmet, that I finally added a "NOS", Nolan n-com MCS II headset and microphone system to last year. I used it a few times last year and it worked fine but the headsets wouldn't work this year and it looks like the little plastic 5 pin board that is in the Micro USB Connector on the board has a broken "board" (?) inside because it wiggles around. I had a hard time getting the cord in and I probably pushed to hard and the board broke. This small circuit board actually is normally enclosed but I took it out of its plastic housing to troubleshoot it. The connector points down from the inside of the helmet so the umbilical cord can attach from the helmet to the bike.

Does anyone out there have an old Nolan n-com system I could buy? My bike is a 2001 GL1800 and it uses a standard Nolan n-com cable for that year bike that has a male Micro USB connector on one end and a 5 Pin Din (?) on the other going to the bike.

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Re: Wanted Nolan n-com MCS II Helmet Head Set

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Yep, can tell from the malformed connector on the board that the cable was jammed into it upside down. It's toast.
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