Wanted: Full set of body panels for 76 GL1000

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Motorcycle: 1976 GL1000

Wanted: Full set of body panels for 76 GL1000

Post by wpeycha »

I am looking for all of the body panels:
  • False tank top shelter
  • False tank-right & left sides
  • False tank rear shelter
  • Frame cover panel-right & left
  • Radiator shroud cover panels-right & left
if you are interested in the story of why I am asking, here it is:
I was in the process of refurbishing my GL1000. Got to a point where I was feeling good about the progress and wanted the bike to reflect that. Took it to a local car dealer, had an arrangement to get it painted. No paperwork, but just dropped off and discussed. It's a fairly small town I live in. COVID happened. Fast forward to today, I was driving by and they are under new ownership and I remembered I had the parts at the body shop. Went in and they could not find them. The body shop manager did some checking and found out I had dropped them off and they were in the body shop, but not now. Sorry about your luck...

I aske what next steps were to get this resolved, got the "Was not us it was them" I said that doesn't matter, they bought the business and it is now their issue. Please check and let me know how they would like to proceed. I was then asked for an estimate.
So that is part of the reason for the post. I need to get all of this to make my bike whole. I am bound and determined to do a Century ride in October for the Gibault Children's Services https://www.gibault.org/ (Really awesome charity, check out the link). So regardless of whether they make this right, I will be buying, but I also need a price.

If you can assist or point in a direction, I will be eternally grateful.

W Peycha
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