1995 GL1500AC - Chicago, IL

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1995 GL1500AC - Chicago, IL

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90,087 miles
$3,500 obo
Chicago, IL

This majestic AF motorcycle has been around Lake Michigan twice, around Lake Superior/Canada, Kentucky bourbon trail, and countless brunch dates/cruises with my wife in the past year under my ownership. Roughly 10,000 miles added by me and it never set a foot wrong. It was bought as a tuck in the corner for the odd occasion that the wife and I have matching schedules for a cruise together. Turns out, I love this thing and ride it more often than all the other bikes in the stable. Maintenance has been brought up to date since taking ownership. This bike is special. It will make you feel things you've never felt before. It will make you associate with things you've never associated with before. It changes you. I am selling because something newer followed me home last week and I need space in my garage. The new bike does not make me feel the same way as this beautiful Royal Magenta Purple does, but something has to go and it is with a heavy heart that this beauty is now listed. All work I've done and FAQs listed below. Price is negotiable. Come see the bike and make an offer. Cash only. No trades unless you want to do a straight even trade for a same condition running 2015+ F150 Supercrew 3.5 Ecoboost Lariat (must have cooled seats). If that flew over your head, it was a joke. Cash only, US dollars.

1) What's wrong with it? Nothing. But it's not perfect either. It's 28 years old with 90,000 miles. Expect some signs of wear and use. It's not show room condition, but it's damn nice.

2) I see Race Tech stickers, are you a poser? No, it has straight rate .85kg/mm springs in the front forks. The rear suspension is running two OEM standard shocks. I set this bike up for handling and it really rails. The original rear air shock and progressive fork springs will come with sale.

3) There seems to be a pinstripe design on it, where is the rest? The bike came with a LOT of pinstripe. I was not a fan of it and removed 99%. The wife was shocked when she caught me in the middle of the act. We compromised and left one on the bike. If you don't like it, Easy Off Oven Cleaner and a Q-Tip.

4) These years are known for 4th gear problems, is yours toast that's why you want to sell? No. 4th gear is there and it got me around the lakes twice, to the bourbon tour and back, and do you really think I would trust driving my wife on a toasted 4th gear? No drop outs. But here's what you should know. Short shifting at lower RPMS, it clicks into 4th no complaints. High RPM shifting above 3.5k (redline/rev limit is 6k) will require precision. If you are sloppy and have a lazy left foot, it will let you know you are not good enough to be riding this majestic AF bike.

5) What will the bike come with? Extras will include:
- the original rear air shock and progressive fork springs
- an extra exhaust collector box that I took off the bike and replaced with a better condition unit
- extra set of headers that came with the replacement collector box I bought
- original tool kit
- air hose line to pump up your tires using to onboard compressor
- Passenger pegs upgraded to SE height adjustable ones with OEM adjuster installed in the OEM location ( under right pocket) OE standard passenger boards included with sale
- Rear passenger arm rests
- Baker built hand wings
- LED headlight bulbs
- Other various bits that I tossed into a bag in the corner of the garage.
- Trailer Hitch receiver and wiring with 1" ball hitch

6) I see the pocket doors are not original. What's up with that? The bike was missing them when I bought it due to broken tabs on the pockets. Instead of shelling out $50+ for each door and not being able to install them, I have a 3d printer and made doors and latches myself. (Works better than OEM in my opinion, but you know what they say about opinions. It's like buttholes, everyone has one and they all stink.)

7) What are those little circle lights where the OEM foglights normally go? They are clearance marker lights for semi-truck trailers. I did not like the guady 80's style foglights and wanted something more discrete. They are very bright and will set you apart from traffic at night.

8) But I can find lower mileage GL1500 out there... First off, this isn't a question, but I'll entertain you. Yes, lower mileage GL1500 are out there. Yes, they are "mint" because they sit for weeks, months, years and do not get ridden like how this was. The worst thing to do for an old bike is to let it sit. With old machines, problems usually do not show up on short little rides each weekend to the antique shop/joint clinic/spin class, etc. You're on and off before you can notice something. This glorious machine was my commuter, my joy ride, my woo-machine. Any issues that came up that was failed to addressed by PO from letting it sit was fixed. It just recently returned from a 2,500 mile trip around Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, thru Canada, the YOOP, Cheese Country, and back to flatistan. It did all that without a hiccup to the tune of Belinda Carlisle, the Village People, Prince, Phil Coll...via the 3.5mm aux plug added to the radio. Did I mention this was my woo-machine? It woos everybody and everything without discrimination. Females, males, animals...you name it and they will be wooed.

- 80,,600mi Coolant flush and replaced with Peak Asian vehicles blue coolant
- 80,600mi lubed throttle cables
- 80,600mi replaced radiator cap
- 80,600mi replaced all brake pads
- 80,600mi replace front tire Shinko SR733
- 83,066mi oil change - WIX 51358 Rotella T4 15w40
- 83,330mi final drive fluid change Valvoline full synthetic 75w90
- 83,330mi installed SE model adjustable rear passenger pegs
- 83,430mi replaced shift shaft seal and installed shift shaft support brace
- 83,460mi replaced steering head bearings
- 85,051mi new battery
- 85,063mi installed Baker Built Hand Wings - scratch resistant light tint
- 86,336mi rebuild front brake master cylinder
- 86,336mi oil change WIX51358 Supertech 4t full synthetic 10w30
- 86,336mi replaced water pump, thermostat, thermostat housing inlet pipe o-rings, coolant flush
- 86,663mi fork seals and fork oil 15w
- 86,933mi SpeedBleeder valves installed for all brakes and clutch lines
- 87,250mi balanced carbs
- 87,140mi new front tire SR733 (did not need, looked like it had 50% life remaining. Replaced anyways just as a precaution for an upcoming 2,500mi trip)

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Re: 1995 GL1500AC - Chicago, IL

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SOLD. How do I edit posts? I can't find that option
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