FS: EdSets BlueStreak Bluetooth Motorcycle Hands-Free Integration

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FS: EdSets BlueStreak Bluetooth Motorcycle Hands-Free Integration

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$150 includes USPS Priority Mail shipping.

PayPal only, and sorry, but I don’t do F&F (nothing personal…)

EdSets is no longer in business, however, this was a pretty solid piece of kit that, combined with the included microphone audio splitter ($80 value), will provide not only the ability to listen to your cell phone, but to ALSO talk on your cell phone, using wired headset equipment.

Don’t ask, I’m not separating the audio splitter from the BlueStreak, as it’s worthless without it.

This will take over the wired AUX connection once it’s all integrated. It is beyond the scope of this offer to integrate other non-OEM accessories (radar detector, non OEM GPS, etc.) into your bike. Some level of understanding how things are wired up would certainly be helpful, as this really isn’t a true ‘plug-and-play’ installation. Links on installation guidance will be provided.

How many more of these are going to be offered? Hard to say.

PM’s only for details - thanks!

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