Which one? F4 +4 or +2?

Information and questions on GL1800 Goldwings (2001-2017)
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Flyn Tiger
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Which one? F4 +4 or +2?

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Looking for newer more current info on the F4 Windshields. I have a 02 Wing that is in bad need of a new windshield. I'm 6'2", with a stock windshield. Currently looking just over the top. Do like looking over the top when on the twisties but when on the open road and "IF" the wife is with me, it being higher up does help with buffering for both of us. I guess I am so used to looking over the top because of my worn out one, I don't know what to expect having to look thur one all the time. Considering the F4 +2 BUT can't get my mind off the F4 +4. Come on folks give me some feedback with some good advice.

Thanks, Flyn Tiger

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Re: Which one? F4 +4 or +2?

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My understanding is that the +2 is adjustable but the +4 is not, normally. I have also read here that the +4 can be modified to be adjustable, but I would not wish to break one attempting it. So, my choice would be the +2 so it could be adjusted from stock height to anywhere up to +2 inches. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
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Re: Which one? F4 +4 or +2?

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I went from a "tall" stock Honda windshield (no vent) to a F4+4 and I love it. I am 5'11" and my wing still has the stock seat so I only look through the windshield and not over it. The previous post is correct in that the +4 is not adjustable but to be honest, I don't think I ever adjusted my stock windshield to the lower position as I always had it as high as it would go to block the wind to the maximum. So, having a windshield that you can't adjust does not bother me. In my opinion, the perfect combination is the F4+4 windshield and the Baker hand wings (that mount under the side mirrors). With this combo, I have virtually no wind buffeting across my arms or around the base of my helmet like I did with the stock windshield and no wind wings. I can't comment on the passenger conditions as I only ride 1 up. With your height, I am not sure that the +2 would make that much of a difference for you and/or the passenger as far as wind. I don't think you would be disappointed in the +4. I can tell you that no matter which one you go with,the optics are amazing and they do very well against scratching. If you routinely use a bike cover, I would suggest that you use a windshield cover before placing your cover over the bike as this will keep the cover from scratching the windshield. You can buy a cover from WingStuff for around $12 or you can just use a XXL T-shirt.

Just my $.02 Good Luck!! :D
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Re: Which one? F4 +4 or +2?

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Also 6'2". Went with the +4 tinted/vented and am absolutely thrilled w/it.
Love looking through it and the light tint kills headlamp glare at night!
Just like looking through one's tinted windshield in your cage.
No vision problems in rain as the coating makes water run off! I did put a clear door edge guard across the top to divert the water to the sides.
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Re: Which one? F4 +4 or +2?

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