Can handle bars be raised or lowered

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Can handle bars be raised or lowered

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I read that the handle bars can be raised or lowered but it did not say how. Any guesses if this is by using risers or something GW specific? My GW is a 1500 se is it makes a difference.


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Re: Can handle bars be raised or lowered

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Yes, risers are the answer - several brands available - they usually provide both "rise" and shorten reach - i.e. bring bars closer to rider. Some offer more adjustment than others, but you can get up to about 2" adjustment (which makes a great difference in feel) without modifying hydraulic lines. The least adjustment you can make to gain comfort is best - if you do too much, you have trouble with cover over inside of bars. I did 1800 with REG brand, but don't know if they make for 1500. Try searching for handlebar risers; you'll find several.

If you need them lowered, I have no idea!

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Re: Can handle bars be raised or lowered

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You can adjust them....somewhat. If you pop off the ignition cover you will see a rectangular cover over the center of the handle bars. Pop that off. There are 4 12mm bolts. loosen them a few turns and you will be able to rotate the bars. This will adjust the height, but it will also move them closer when you lower them and further away when you raise them. Once you find a comfortable position you should adjust your controls.

Put the bike on its center stand. Sit on the bike with the bars in a straight ahead position. With your elbows slightly bent hold your hands palm down in line with your forearm. Lower your arms keeping your palms inline. When your palms hit the grips your fingers should be touching the levers at the same time. If not, the 2 10mm bolts behind the trim covers need to be loosened a few turns and you can rotate the controls. VERY IMPORTANT!! Don't forget to tighten all the bolts! :o

I have made these adjustments to mine. You will not believe how much af a difference in comfort such minor adjustments make!

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Re: Can handle bars be raised or lowered

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For me, the handlebar adjustments (lower/higher) wasn't enough...I'm not quite a 6-footer so my arms were always fully extended, which is not good on long I recently bought a set of handlebar risers for a Valkyrie for $50 on eBay, redrilled the 11/32" holes to 7/16", trimmed the ignition plastic cover on each side to allow the higher handlebar to move freely when turning the handlebars all the way left or right, and all is well...highly recommended. At first, the feel was weird indeed, and it felt like the dashboard was a mile away lolll but you'll get used to it real quick.

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